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Written by Vic R   


The rear of the seat should be angled at 63 degrees for a standard seat.  Tillet has a layback seat for tall/large people which are angled at 58 degrees. A magnetic angle gauge is a handy tool to measure seat angle.  Place the gauge half way up the rear of the seat.  Alternatively, if you can't measure the angle,  ensure the bottom of the seat is parallel with the ground.



Seat Height from ground (Senior karts)


125cc Chassis (Light)


125cc Chassis (Heavy)


100cc (Light)


100cc (Heavy)


Some karters have only 12mm of spacing "B" particularly when using sticky tyres. 
12mm can result in the bottom of the seat wearing through in just one race weekend.
16mm spacing will still wear the bottom of the seat, but not as aggressively.
The seat should positioned so the seat stays are mounted approximately half way from the front and back of the seat side panel.