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Written by Vic R   

The following is only a guide. Engine Longevity is determined by many factors including air/fuel ratio, oil/petrol ratio and probably most important, maximum revs. The harder you rev the engine, the more often you will need to rebuild. For example, a IAME engine that revs out to 15,000RFM may not need a full engine service until say 50 hours of use, rev it out to 16,500 and it may need attention after only 20 hours.

Generally, replacing piston rings and pistons on a regular basis allows you to enjoy maximum power and also reduces the wear on the cylinder chamber. The following are typical for normal type use.

Rotax 125cc and X30

  • 8 hours - Replace Ring
  • 16 - Replace Piston and Ring
  • 40 hours - Rebuild Engine (unrelstriced)

Leopard and Fireball 125cc

  • 8 hours - Replace Ring
  • 16 hours - Replace Piston and Ring
  • 30 hours - Examine engine and rebuild if necessary
  • Remove and clean clutch bearing after every session. Replace bearing if discolored. Replace bearing and pack with a little high temp/high pressure type grease.


Yamaha S

(do not use more than 20 hours or catastrophic engine failure may occur)

If not racing

  • 20 hours - rebuild

If Racing

  • 5 hours - replace ring
  • 10 hours - replace piston
  • 20 hours - rebuild engine