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Tyre pressures are very important.  Pressure is related to grip.  Too much or too little and you will be giving away valuable time.  Experienced karters want maximum performance and grip towards the end of each race and will adjust pressures and kart setup accordingly.

Before your first session on race-day, allow all four tyres to reach the same temperature.  This can be done by keeping all of them in the shade or in the sunlight.  i.e. don't allow some of your tyres to be exposed to the warming effects of sunlight whilst others are in the shade.  The initial tyre temperature will have an impact on the final operating pressure. Tyre pressures will increase from their initial values by 2 to 6 lbs after normal use on the track.  The difference between the initial and final pressure is based factors such as

·        If using an air compressor to pump tyres, how much water is in the tank and how much humidity in the air.

·        Were the tyres initially in the shade or in direct sunlight

·        Was Nitrogen used to inflate the tyres.

·        Track and ambient temperature

·        Chassis setup, tyre and track condition

The operating pressure of a tyre is related to the hardness of the tyre.  Harder tyres require more pressure to operate effectively. 

As a guide, hot pressures (immediately after racing) should be

·        21lbs for hard tyres such as Dunlop SL1s

·        15lbs for medium tyres such as MG Red and Mojos

·        13lbs for medium soft tyres such as MG Yellows

·        11.5lbs for soft tyres such as Dunlop DDS

Starting pressures should be 2 to 6lbs less.  E.G. MG Reds might be set at 12lbs initially to reach a final pressure of 15lbs.