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Written by Vic R   


4 Stroke

Premium Unleaded
Oil for Crank Case
Synthetic - Good quality
Tyre pressures (cold – in shade)
13 PSI
Front wheel spacers
20mm each side
Front wheel nut tension
Should be able to turn spacers with fingers
+2 mm
Wheel Alignment
+1 mm out
Rear Wheels
1375 mm
Chain Tension
10mm Slack
Rear Wheels
1375 mm
Chain Tension
10mm Slack
Run in procedure
RPM Range
1st Session of  10 minutes
Low to mid
2nd Session of  10 minutes
Low to mid
3rd Session of 10 minutes
Low to mid

A Tacho is not required. Limit the speed on the straight to speed that can be obtained through a medium corner.  In other words, do no exceed the speed at which you left the corner before the main straight.

Allow the engine to rest for 5 – 10 minutes between each session.

Check all nut and bolt tension at the end of run-in


During the run-in period, the engine will vibrate more than normal. This is normal when engines are run at low revs.  

IMPORTANT - Avoid revving the engine to the rev limiter. Continued use of the rev limiter will damage the engine.  The engine has an inbuilt limiter at 7,100RPM.  At this limit, the engine will stop accelerating and make a noticeably different sound. The engine can not rev beyond this.  The engine however is not designed to continuouly use the limiter.  If the rev limit is achieved;

* Reduce acceleration to avoid high RPM

* Change gearing